I have dedicated my life best Reiki master and teacher for others. It is a privilege to see a student light up when they first recognize the gift of reiki in their hands.
















































Usui Reiki is based on the teaching of Mikao Usui, the founder of the “Usui System of Natural Healing”.  The origination of Reiki healing still seems to be unknown; however, the fact that Usui Sensei received this ability while in weeks of meditation has been a great gift to the world.  As a Reiki Master it is my intention to continue to share the knowledge of natural healing with all who feel the desire to learn.  It is truly my passion to teach others and watch them experience healing through their hands and helps others as well!

I currently offer a few options for Reiki energy training and try to customize classes as needed for the best group learning. Many classes are in small group settings for personal attention & best possible learning.  I can develop a class for your friends, family or a specific group of colleagues; such as those in the health, education or simply a company who wants to teach their employees a stress reduction technique.  ANYONE can learn Reiki and it is a gift you will have for a lifetime!

 *All classes are a combination of lecture, group discussion & hands on practice! You simply need and open heart ~ curious mind ~  your healing hands!

Reiki Level I  - Intro to Energy Healing – Shoden Level

*Basic concept of energy healing
*The 5 Reiki principles & basic history
* Experience a guided meditation & energy level I attunement
*Learn the benefits of self-treatment & practice it
*Learn how to apply healing to others in a home setting
*Plenty of practice time
*All materials
* Reiki level I certificate included

Personal Investment:   $225-$300 depending on the program you register for.

Reiki Level II – The Distance Healing Experience -  Okuden Level

For those who have taken Reiki level 1 (Shoden) and want to deepen their Reiki understanding and skills. This is such an interesting & fun class!!

*Guided meditation & Reiki level II attunement
* Knowledge & application of Reiki  symbols
* How to send distance healing & practice time
*Hands-on practice and understanding Byosen

*Understanding & developing your intuition while energy healing
*Reiki for Life book & notebook
* Reiki level 2 certificate
*Class time is usually on the weekend in 2 days Saturday 9:30-3:30 & Sunday 10-2

Personal Investment:    $350-$450 depending on the program you register for.

Reiki Master Teacher Training -  Shinpiden Level

This is the final step (but really just the beginning!) in formal Reiki training.  This class is currently held 2-3 times a year in a week long daily retreat setting. This advanced class is for Reiki practitioners who want to enhance their skills on a personal or professional level.  The class involves discipline and dedication to working with the energy on your own time as well as class time. 

Class Includes:
*Review of Reiki Level I & II (bring your questions)
*Reiki Master Teacher attunement
*Learn all Usui Reiki symbols & proper application
*Learn how to do healing attunements & ceremonies
*Learn how to initiate others to Reiki (reju)
*Understanding of Japanese Reiki healing techniques
*In-depth knowledge of byosen & how to teach others
*In-depth discussion of the Gokkai (learn to say Gokkai in Japanese)
*Write your own guided meditation
*Understanding the student / teacher relationship and what to expect
*Learn proper conduct when working professionally with clients (including proper   documentation)
*Practical application of how to build a professional Reiki practice
*Deepen intuitive skills
*Hands on practice and development of Reiki skills
*Teacher manual and materials
*Master teacher certificate upon completion
*Individual follow-up with instructor four weeks after the course is finished via zoom
*Nourishing lunch, snacks, water & tea will be provided daily along with a one-hour lunch and time on your own for personal reflection.

Your Personal Investment: $1,250

To Register for any of the above classes contact Gina (518) 791-6565
or e-mail

Check on my FaceBook Page for current class dates & other events!


Do you have a larger group of people who would like to learn Reiki?
I offer large group Reiki I & II training and can customize a class for your group. This is for groups of 6 or more. This is perfect for nurses, massage therapists, counselors or anyone in the healthcare industry. If teaching off-site the organization must provide facility to be used and must space must be approved by Gina.

For your custom proposal please call  - 518-791-6565


Additional Mentoring for Reiki Students

If you are a new practitoner of Reiki or have learned years ago and just want a refresher or more practice I offer additional Reiki training. The training is based on individual needs and at all three levels.  COST $95 Per Hour

When you have decided on a class that you would like to take you can:

  • E-mail, call or text me 518-791-6565 if you have questions or need additional information.
  • Fill out the application and mail it back to me with your initial deposit.
  • Please print clearly on the application and add any notes or questions you may have.
  • Upon receiving your application I will contact you to set up your initial phone or in person consult about training time & learning.. If you are traveling from outside the area and need information on lodging please let me know and I can help.

To Learn Reiki:

  • No Experience is necessary for learning Reiki
  • It’s simple to learn and lasts a lifetime!
  • You can help heal not only yourself but your friends and family
  • Great for stress reduction & pain management
  • You will access and strengthen your intuition & grow your spirit
  • It is important to receive Quality Reiki training from an experienced teacher

* Cash, Checks, Visa & MasterCard, Venmo accepted for payment

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